Barbara Lautenschlager

— Partner

Barbara Lautenschlager has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of inheritance and family law.

Sie berät schweizerische und ausländische Privatklientinnen bei Nachlass- und Nachfolgeplanungen sowie bei der Nachlassabwicklung und vertritt diese bei Nachlassstreitigkeiten.

She assists her clients in all legal issues arising when separating from their partners and represents them in divorce and separation proceedings.

She has many years of experience as a dedicated litigator before courts of law and arbitral tribunals.

In her capacity as a mediator, she guides parties in resolving their disputes amicably by way of negotiations.

Barbara Lautenschlager has been admitted to practice as an attorney before all Swiss courts since 2001.

In 2004 she obtained an LL.M. from King's College in London. She gained professional experience at a district court and worked as an associate attorney at Bär & Karrer AG.

Barbara Lautenschlager is recognized by the Swiss Bar Association as a specialist lawyer for inheritance law as well as a mediator.

She speaks German and English.


  • Advice on estate planning in national and international cases, particularly with regards to patch work families and family businesses
  • Assignments as executor of wills, also under German law
  • Legal representation of international heirs in abatement proceedings before Swiss courts
  • Legal representation of heirs in probate proceedings
  • Legal representation of heirs in respect of information requests
  • Mediation of probate disputes
  • Legal representation in separation and divorce proceedings
  • Legal representation in marriage annulment proceedings
  • Legal representation before the child protection authority
  • Legal representation in international divorce proceedings.


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  • Dispute Resolution Clauses in International Commercial Contracts, 2013
  • Director’s Liability and Indemnification, 2011
  • Summary Judgment and Expedited Proceedings: Is Mainstream International Arbitration ready for the Next Step?
  • Arbitration and Trust Disputes, 2016.