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Andreas Fankhauser

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Andreas Fankhauser has been acting as a judge in the 2021 moot court competition of the International Criminal Court

Andreas Fankhauser has been proudly acting as a judge in the 2021 IBA ICC Moot Court Competition.

The competition welcomes universities from all over the world for a large scale moot court simulating the proceedings of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

The competition consists of an extensive educational and social program, which brings together students of diverse backgrounds and cultures to challenge their skills as future international lawyers. The final round takes place with ICC judges adjudicating.

The establishment of the world’s first International Criminal Court provided a fantastic opportunity to further support the rule of international law and the fight against impunity by garnering a youth-led interest. The competition involves collaboration with judges from international courts and tribunals, professors of international (criminal) law, and other legal professionals. This network makes the ICC Moot Court Competition a realistic simulation of ICC proceedings.

The competition’s case addresses fundamental issues of substantive and procedural international criminal law. This year’s moot problem touched on novel and topical issues including the effects doctrine and potential criminal liability for the mishandling of a (fictional) pandemic.